Summer on the Road

Between graduating from college in Chicago, moving out of my apartment there, and a day later hitting the road on a tour that has me in a new city nearly every day, this blog has had a bit of a dry spell. That said, my photos and I have been anything but absent from the internet.

If we are friends on Facebook then I am sure you have seen my Mobile Uploads blowing up the past few months, but if we’re not then you can still keep up with all the day to day goings-ons of Hometown on its Twitter, which I am pretty much the only one to post to and is the destination for all my phone-photos seconds after I snap them. Follow @hhskate. If you’re not into the Twitter thing you can see these same photos dished off to

HH Denver 2010

For the updates from Hometown Heroes contests check out I shoot every contest that Hometown puts on and the photos are usually up within a couple of days.

Chicago, IL Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest 2010

In addition to Hometown I was also brought on as the photographer for the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contests Series and the Zumiez Couch Tour. The Couch Tour consisted of 12 stops across the US where Zumiez would construct a small festival in a mall parking lot, have bands play, and put up a skate course for the BFF contest, as well as a pro demo. As crazy and hectic as those days were, (not to mention the sleepless nights of photo-editing that usually followed) I met a lot of cool folks and had a fun time being part of the tour.
All of my photos from Couch Tour are online now at, just click any of the dates at the top, then click Photos, or for better quality check them out on flickr at where any of the 2010 Couch Tour or Best Foot Forward photos were shot by me.
All of the BFF photos are on its separate site at

Aside from all the contests and events, Hometown is really about skateboarding, and I have been doing a ton of it, as well as shooting a ton of it. I have been lucky to meet, skate with, and share a smelly van with some really sick people this summer, and once I have time to actually go through them all, I have a ton of skate photos from across the country that I am hyped to share.
I am super psyched that Shak and everyone brought me on this trip, and it’s not over yet, so be sure to keep up at the Hometown site and especially the Twitter @hhskate

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