Tylor O’s Ramp Destruction Party

After the Hometown Heroes finals at the X-Games in LA and shooting photos at Maloof in Orange County another summer on the road has come to an end. I have a few free weeks before my big trip West so I’m doing my best to catch up on editing some photos, and some of those should make it here to the blog. Here’s the first of those

Tylor O'Connor, Blunt Fakie at the Ramp Destruction Party

Back in April I got a message from Tylor O’Connor that he was moving out of his apartment and the affectionately titled Slum Dog Mini-ramp needed to get torn down. Tylor’s not one to do anything quietly (ask his neighbors), so he threw a little Sunday night party to let everyone get their last tricks in on the mini-mini-ramp. The session ended with Tylor getting a Blunt-Fakie on a TV, and then smashing it.

Tylor O'Connor, Ramp Destruction Party

Sorry for the wait for the photos, Tylor! Keep your eyes here for more catch-up photos coming soon…

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