Brendan Herling, Over the Fence and Across the Gap

Schools in California, mostly due to the enormous difference in climate, are laid out very differently than those in most of the rest of the country, in that their hallways are essentially outdoor sidewalks. So while no one could ever skate that otherwise-perfect, carpeted rail inside my high school, a similar walkway in California would be concrete and perfectly skateable. This means, for skateboarders, there are a lot of spots here, but unfortunately they are almost always surrounded by a very tall fence.
Brendan Herling, Crooked Grind
To get to this ledge-across-gap we had to hop a very pointy 10-foot fence. Big thanks to everyone who helped haul my excessive amounts of gear over said fence, and an even bigger thanks to the cop who watched us climb back out when we were done and didn’t say a word.

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