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Yo Adrian! Heelflip Boardslide

Adrian McCoy, Heelflip-Boardslide. Photo © Phil Blair, 2011.  

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Go Skateboarding Day pt. 2, Mike Piwowar, Switch Back Tail

After pushing halfway across LA my old legs wanted no part of street skating, but there were a few more energetic folks who were still up for it, so I settled in and manned the camera. Even with the longest day of the year at our disposal, Mike couldn’t quite put away the trick that [...]

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In Photos, Wild In The Streets LA

*All images ©Phil Blair, 2011. If you want to post, use, or republish these photos in any way, please get in touch with me before doing so. thanks –

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The Bledsoe Mid: Last Shoe of the Season

Etnies Footwear just launched a mini-site for Tyler Bledsoe and his new pro model, the Bledsoe Mid. The photo on that page, seen above, was the final pair of shoes that I shot during this past season. I really love being in the studio for Sole Tech, but while I am between shooting for the [...]

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AJax, Smith Grind

I have been mostly keeping busy in the studio the past few weeks, the work from which I should be able to show soon, but I did manage to get this photo of AJax on our most recent day out.

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Skateboard Mag, Fresh Crops

The fine folks down in Solana Beach hooked me up again, this time with a full 10-photo feature in their Fresh Crops. I’m stoked to have my photos up there, and also stoked for all the guys I have shot with that they are getting seen. Big thanks to The Skateboard Mag, and to everyone [...]

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Featured on SkateboardMag’s Photofile

A couple photos that I shot last summer were featured on The Skateboard Mag’s website in their monthly photo feature, Photofile. One of Clint Walker that you have seen, and one of Ke’Chaud That you probably have not, so go see them both at

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Brendan Herling, Over the Fence and Across the Gap


Schools in California, mostly due to the enormous difference in climate, are laid out very differently than those in most of the rest of the country, in that their hallways are essentially outdoor sidewalks. So while no one could ever skate that otherwise-perfect, carpeted rail inside my high school, a similar walkway in California would [...]

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Steven Webb, Crooked Grind

Days with warm weather and clear skies are plentiful here in California. Here’s a Crooked Grind from such a day back in February.

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Steven Farmer: A Barley Grind and An Interview

My good buddy and motorcycle-riding vagrant, Steven Farmer has an interview up on his hometown shop’s blog. Steven is a trooper and always fun to skate with. Hopefully he gets a place to live soon so he can focus more on shredding and not on how to get a roof over his head each night. [...]

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