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Lifestyle and Product Photos for AMBIG Clothing

I’ve been out skating with the guys from AMBIG Clothing quite a bit lately, so when their Fall 2012 samples started rolling in they asked me to work on some photos of the new line. In addition to shooting everything flat for the print catalog and website, I also got a few lifestyle images that [...]

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Steven Farmer in Santa Ana, CA

Motor-biking vagrant and all around good dude Steven Farmer is as much a regular as this blog has seen, with his one-man tear around UCLA last fall, and a San Diego Barley Grind shortly after. Here he is again, continuing to wander southern California on two wheels, while shredding on four.

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In Photos, Wild In The Streets LA

*All images ©Phil Blair, 2011. If you want to post, use, or republish these photos in any way, please get in touch with me before doing so. thanks –

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Good Morning

Time to wake up!

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Tylor O’s Ramp Destruction Party

After the Hometown Heroes finals at the X-Games in LA and shooting photos at Maloof in Orange County another summer on the road has come to an end. I have a few free weeks before my big trip West so I’m doing my best to catch up on editing some photos, and some of those [...]

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Summer on the Road

Between graduating from college in Chicago, moving out of my apartment there, and a day later hitting the road on a tour that has me in a new city nearly every day, this blog has had a bit of a dry spell. That said, my photos and I have been anything but absent from the [...]

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Jay Reilly’s Lifestyle Work and Why I’m Making Cheesy Photos

While trying to shoot more lifestyle stuff for my book (which needs to be completed before my rapidly approaching graduation date!) I have been looking at a lot of lifestyle work from skate photographers, whether they would label it lifestyle or not, as well as photographers who specialize in that type of work outside of [...]

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Mills and Dalba


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Productive Fall Day

Almost halfway into November here in Chicago the days are getting shorter and the air is getting a lot cooler, so any chance to get out and shoot some skating is great, but a weekend of warmth is even better. Last Sunday I got out with Andy Patterson, Eric Thomas, Nick Merisko, Thomas Hawver, plus [...]

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Tucker flexin after the shoot

I hear he does like 100 VX curls a day.   The 8+ inches of snow and 15- degrees outside have me inside and going through old files. Messing with this snap was more fun than prepping a portfolio for internships.

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