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Clive Dixon, Boardslide in Long Beach, CA

Sometimes you shoot a photo and the next day that same trick comes out in someone else’s video part, so then that photo lives on your computer’s desktop for another 8 or 9 months before finally popping up on your blog. Here is a photo like that of Clive Dixon. Thanks anyway, Clive!

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Tearsheets: Terence Goddard in America, Pt. 2

The great guys up at Blue Tile Lounge recently had an article in the Spring 2012 issue of SBC Magazine detailing their 15 year history. I’m stoked that this photo I shot of Terence Goddard in San Francisco rounded out the retrospective.

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Tearsheets: Terence Goddard in America, Pt. 1

I have had screenshots of a couple tearsheets featuring Terence Goddard sitting on my desktop for quite some time now, so I thought it’s about time to share them with anyone who missed them in print. The first one was available to view in the magazine’s online version, which is what you see above, but [...]

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Tear Sheet for Rip Curl Australia

After a 16ish-hour flight over the Pacific from Sydney to LAX Heath Clark and Josh Backman made their way to a hostel in Inglewood, but it only took a few days for them to decide it was worth the extra charge to relocate to a motel in Huntington Beach. Fortunately we were able to link [...]

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Steven Farmer in Santa Ana, CA

Motor-biking vagrant and all around good dude Steven Farmer is as much a regular as this blog has seen, with his one-man tear around UCLA last fall, and a San Diego Barley Grind shortly after. Here he is again, continuing to wander southern California on two wheels, while shredding on four.

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2 Old Ones of Quel

My buddies over at Hometown Heroes posted a video part that just went up from Nashville ripper Myquel Haddox, which reminded me of a few photos we shot back in the day. These are from the days when I was still living in Chicago, and making the 8-hour trek down I-65 to Nashville pretty regularly. [...]

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New Website at

  Head over to my website at and check out all the updates that have gone on! The layout is all new, the galleries no longer incorporate Flash which allows them to load MUCH faster and operate smoothly on desktops and mobile devices alike, and most importantly almost every photo within in the Skateboard [...]

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Yo Adrian! Heelflip Boardslide

Adrian McCoy, Heelflip-Boardslide. Photo © Phil Blair, 2011.  

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Go Skateboarding Day pt. 2, Mike Piwowar, Switch Back Tail

After pushing halfway across LA my old legs wanted no part of street skating, but there were a few more energetic folks who were still up for it, so I settled in and manned the camera. Even with the longest day of the year at our disposal, Mike couldn’t quite put away the trick that [...]

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AJax, Smith Grind

I have been mostly keeping busy in the studio the past few weeks, the work from which I should be able to show soon, but I did manage to get this photo of AJax on our most recent day out.

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